For Golfers, By Golfers.

Caddie View is a breakthrough invention, created for golfers by golfers. If you want to improve your swing and form without wasting money, hiring a camera man or asking a friend who can't make par for advice, Caddie View is your best bet. It's simple, just take your new Caddie View to the course, attach your smartphone or tablet with the Caddie View app installed, and use the wireless remote to record or photograph your swing. It's that simple.

Just over 3 years ago our CEO, Founder and passionate golfer Jose Bolado became fascinated by the idea of discovering the way every golfer without physical assistance could take his game to the next level. It may sound crazy, but his vision is that any golfer can be self taught. With our innovative invention, and with the help of our Director of Instruction at Jim McLean Mayakoba Diego Bazin, CFO Luis Silva, we are convinced Caddie View is what every golfer must have in their bag.

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